A bit of my story

A couple years ago I got sick of barely scraping by each month despite the great salary I was earning, so my wife and I decided to get out of debt.

The journey to debt freedom was difficult, and the tools to help were weak or non-existant, so I started a newsletter to share some of the lessons I’ve been learning as I go.

I believe in Jesus Christ. My faith in Him has brought miracles into my life and has ultimately made me a better person. I would love to share what I believe with you anytime, just ask.

I’m also a designer. Right now I’ve got my dream job working at Basecamp. If you’re ever looking for a great tool to help a group of people get on the same page, we can totally help you out!

If you’d like to say hi, ask a question, or get in touch for any other reason, you can send me a message.