Teaching Others to Believe

I’m currently gearing up to teach a course on skillshare. As I’ve shared what I’m doing with family, friends, and strangers, I’ve been surprised at the common thread weaved between all their reactions.

They don’t believe.

So many people are nervous, scared, worried at the thought of not being able to do something new. Honestly, I am too. I’ve never taught a class like this before. Can I do it? Will anyone care? Will people feel like they got their money’s worth out of it? These are a few of the questions that are haunting me right now.

I’m choosing to believe.

For now, I’m setting my fears aside, I’m moving forward. I’m believing.

My hope is that the product of my class is not simply that folks will learn a bit about HTML+CSS, but that they’ll learn to believe in themselves…even if it’s just a tiny bit more.