Anyone Can Code

I know what it’s like to learn from scratch. Just six years ago I knew pretty much nothing about how to create a website, but I worked hard, practiced a lot, and learned a ton of stuff along the way—including that (there’s a better way to learn to code than just reading books and scouring the internet for tutorials.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time or money to get started with the web. You just need the right information delivered in digestible bits, and someone to lean on when you get a bit flustered or stuck. Enter…

YOU can CODE Part I: Learn HTML + CSS Basics in One Week!

I’ve created a straightforward and brief getting started course for folks who want to learn how to create on the web. You can check out my announcement, and get a 25% discount code on my YOU can CODE website.

On the horizon I also have two progressive follow-up courses that I plan to release after the completion of the first course.

  • YOU can CODE Part II: Create a Marketing Site in 3 Weeks
  • YOU can CODE Part III: Create a Rails App in 4 Weeks

Checkout a sample of one of the brief lessons on HTML: