Update on “Halfway to Obese”

A little over a year ago I wrote about being halfway to obese. I stated my goal was to lose 16 pounds and bring my weight back down to the “healthy” weight of 164 pounds. I’ve not quite gotten down to 164, I’m still sitting around 168 most mornings. Here’s what I’ve done to go from 181 down to 168.

Maximized Living

Katie and I started going to a new chiropractor near our home, I stumbled upon it merely because it was the closest one I could find, and I was looking for something convenient. It turns out this chiropractor happens to be part of a network called Maximized Living. The approach the doctor’s office takes is to help patients live to their full potential not only through chiropractic services, but through a holistic approach to a better life. Here’s the 5 principles they teach, and that we’re now trying to live by:

  1. Maximized Mind
  2. Maximized Nerve Supply
  3. Maximized Quality Nutrition
  4. Maximized Oxygen & Lean Muscle
  5. Minimized Toxins

For me this meant quite a few lifestyle changes. So far I’ve focused on Principles two, three, and four.

Maximized Nerve Supply

Because our nervous system is central to the body’s communication functions, it impacts all aspects of our health. It just so happens that the nerve supply is also tightly coupled to our spinal structure. Improving my spine, it’s shape and health, means that I’m improving the communication paths throughout my body.

My chiropractor has been instrumental in helping me to recover from some back injuries that were holding me back for over a year now. My shoulder is functional again, and my low back has much less problems than before. My nervous supply is definitely being maximized.

Maximized Quality Nutrition

I tend to be a pretty poor eater. Working at an office that provides a host of yummy snacks doesn’t help much either. I’d grab an Oreo here, and a bag of Pop Chips there, maybe a handful of Jellybeans on the walk past a colleague’s desk. I was pumping junky food into my body on a regular basis. Add to that less than ideal foods like breads, bagels, and cream cheese, and things weren’t exactly looking (or feeling) great.

One of our first improvements to our nutrition was to remove all refined sugars, and almost all grains. That change alone helped me lose around 10 pounds in just a month or so. Raw nuts, oatmeal, and tons of broccoli have become the new norm around here, and I actually really enjoy it all.

Maximized Oxygen & Lean Muscle

This has probably been my favorite category of change. With the back problems I had been experiencing, I totally quit CrossFit, and all other exercises for that matter—lame, I know. Since starting to see my chiropractor, I’ve begun an extremely enjoyable uptick in my daily exercise regiment. I now workout every day of the week except Sundays.

I’ve been using the Max T3 program that Maximized Living has created, it challenges me every day, and I always walk away completely exhausted. The best part though? It’s just 12 minutes a day. Booya!


The effects of these three focus areas combine has been a total weight loss of 13 pounds and counting. I’ve gained some lean muscle, my stomach has flattened significantly, and I start each day feeling invigorated and ready for life.

My original goal was to get down to 164, now that I’ve seen what 168 looks like, it’s obvious to me that I’m not going to be satisfied with that number. Right now I’m aiming to drop down to 155 and see how I feel once I get there.