Thank You

Growing up I never knew any soldiers, and I never shot any guns. I wasn’t even allowed to “play wrestling” as my Mom called it. So as you can imagine, joining the military was never something I was likely to do.

A few years ago I seriously considered joining the army reserves, it started almost entirely as a way for me to get my education paid for, but along the way something changed. As I got further into the recruitment process, I found myself developing a greater admiration for these good people. I started to really value the sacrifice that many were making, and the dedication that was required of them. I came to realize that serving in the military is a truly honorable thing. As it turned out, joining the army wasn’t the right thing for my family and me. But the experience of almost joining the army was. It had a real impact on me.

Today I just wanted to say thank you to those that defend freedom. Thank you to those who have gone before. Thank you to those who will yet serve the cause of freedom. I don’t know many of you, but I admire you, I think of you today, and I’ll forever appreciate you.

Thank you.